Replacement Glass Units

Doubled glazed windows are created by placing two panes of glass together over a spacer or sealant.

It is then sealed and filled with a gas in-between to improve the insulation and prevent condensation. Overall, this improves its thermal performance.

However, this sealed unit can sometimes break down allowing moisture to enter which can ultimately result in condensation. Failed double glazing not only looks unsightly, it also dramatically reduces
the energy efficiency of your home. Don't ignore the problem as a failed double glazed unit will not improve over time or repair itself. 

Do you have misted glass units?

At Morgans WDC, we can measure and replace the glass units with our highly efficient double glazing.

If you have had a glass unit smash or be damaged,
we can also help without having to necessarily replace the whole window.
Call us on 01691 674088 and our expert fitters will quickly
& efficiently fit the glass at your convenience.